City Houses Ladies 2021 Ladies Teams Comp registration

Start Date:
12th March 2021, 5:45pm
End Date:
13th May 2021, 8:00pm

You are invited to play in the 3rd City Houses Women’s Team Competition.
Please note if you enter the Women's comp you can still play in the main comp.
For those new to City Houses below is a run down
1. Cost this year is $135 (students $70). Note if you are already playing in the City Houses main comp this comp is free.
2. Actual Comp starts on Thursday 13th May. The Thursday prior (6th May) will be a free grading / coaching night provided by the coaches from East Coast Squash Academy.
3. The commitment is at most 1 night per week from 5.30 to 8pm. 3-4 players (depending on number of entrants) from your team will play on that one night per week. However, typically a team will have about 6 players to cover when players are away etc.
4. The draw will be available about 1 week before the comp starts.
5. The entry fee includes entry into the Competitions opening night held on Thursday 29th or Friday 30th April at the Tattersalls Club (official invite to come at a later date) and a grading night (TBA) for new players to the comp who do not have a Sporty HQ ranking.
6. At the end of the comp there will be a presentation / cocktail night.
(NB:- the other players will also have to enter individually to make their comp payment) tail party at the Tattersalls a nominal cost.
7. Entries close on the 6th of May.
NB:- If you want to play in a particular team with other players or you have a regular team please put the other players names in the "If entering a team please submit the other players names". Note all players will still have to enter as individuals and make the $135 payment.

Early Bird Price Regular Price Late Entry Price
Name N/A
4th Aug, 2021
Standard Entry Fee N/A 135.00 N/A
Student N/A 70.00 N/A
Playing in the City Houses Main Draw as well N/A 0.00 N/A