Education Requirements

Please find below a table which highlights the minimum standards of compliance for players, coaches, administrators and entourage.

Member Protection Policy

Squash Australia's Member Protection Policy contains the organisation's Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy. 

For more information, please refer to this presentation

Child Protection

Squash Australia considers that the health, safety and well-being of children take priority over all other competing considerations. This is necessary to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all members and protect the image and reputation of squash in Australia. Squash Australia has a zero tolerance approach to child abuse and is committed to promoting and protecting children from abuse and neglect to the greatest extent possible.

If you have an issue pertaining to child protection in squash, please contact the National Child Protection Officer:

Name: Reena Raja

Landline: (07) 3367 3200


Code of Conduct

Part 3 of the Member Protection Policy contains Squash Australia's Code of Conduct. It details the application of the Code, the values that the organisation aims to uphold, a general Code of Conduct.

Part 4 details the Complaints Procedure. 

Member Protection Policy

eLearning Platform

Squash Australia's eLearning platform contains many educational resources and can be accessed for free. For more information on Anti-Doping, Member Protection and Match-Fixing, please visit the website and undertake the relevant modules. 

eLearning Platform